Gunsmithing and Beyond

Let our experienced Gun Smith’s assist you with just about anything related to firearms. Whether your needing repairs, modifications, new designs, or custom firearms built, we are here to help.

Inspections & Repairs

Own a firearm that isn’t functioning properly? Have an old gun that needs old parts looked at? We offer free firearm inspections on most firearm models.

Part Installations

Want some new sights installed? Wanna clean up that old trigger of yours? We can offer maintenance services or part installations to enhance your firearm! If it’s made to fit in to a firearm, we can install it!

Full Service Manufacturing

We operate with a Type 07 Firearms Manufacturing License and have a Class II Special Occupational Tax for the manufacturing, sale and transfer of NFA items as well. What does this mean for you? We can custom build you some awesome firearms!

Proudly established and built in Joplin, Missouri USA

Custom Firearms

Handguns, AR’s, AK’s, 10/22’s, etc. You name, let’s build it!

Workshops & Education

We also offer training classes and workshops that will give you hands-on experience learning how to build and maintenance firearms for yourself!

What are some of the services we offer?


We will inspect your firearm to identify any mechanical problems and repair accordingly.

Sight Installation & Adjustments

We can remove old sights and install new. We also offer sight adjustment services if your sights are broken or just a bit off.

Trigger Work

New trigger installations. Trigger polishing and enhancement and much more.

Firearms Cleaning

Basic cleaning, full disassembly cleanings and ultra-sonic cleaning services as well. Feel free to leave your gun with us next time you check out from the range!

Optic Mounting & Bore Sighting

We offer lots of optic assistance services. We can mount, torque and sight-in all of your firearm optics right in one place!

Parts Upgrades & More

Grips, Springs, Triggers, and Accessories of all types. We have the proper tools and knowledge to get the job done for you.

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