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Having an issue with your firearm and lack the tools or knowledge to fix it? We can help! Allow our experienced gun smiths to assist with your firearm needs today.

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Popular Services

Visiting the range to shoot? We offer a convenient drop-off and pick-up process for all of your smithing needs.

JCF Range Members receive 10% off all firearm smithing services.

Cleaning & Maintenance

We offer various types firearm cleaning options ranging from standard cleanings to full disassembly and ultrasonic cleanings.


Have an old firearm that needs some love? Let us assist with getting it back to aesthetic and functioning order.

Firearm Upgrades

Looking to upgrade your trigger? Need help getting some new sights installed and lined up? Allow our Gunsmiths to help with that process as well.

Sighting In Firearms

Whether it’s bore-sighting your rifle or adjusting the sights on your handgun, we can do the job for you and then put it to the test in our range.

Functional Repairs

Safety and proper functionality are essential to make your firearm as reliable as it can be. We will assess your firearm and fix what it needs to be safe and functional once again.

Purchase Tools & Parts

Have the know-how to fix something yourself but are lacking the tools and resources you need to complete the job? We stock plenty of tools and parts for your as well.

Firearm smithing services & Pricing Guide

*JCF Range Members will receive 10% off all Gunsmithing services

Gunsmithing Rates

Most in-house gunsmithing services fall under the following rates.


per hour rate

Typically charged in half hour increments.

Standard Firearm Cleaning

Field strip cleaning and lubrication. Followed by a two-stage inspection upon full reassembly.


Detailed Firearm Cleaning

Full disassembly cleaning and lubrication. Followed by a two-stage inspection upon full reassembly.


Ultrasonic Cleaning

Full disassembly of firearm. Minimum of 30 min in our heated ultrasonic solution and tank. Followed by a lubrication soak and two-stage inspection upon full reassembly.
These sessions are great for suppressors!


Handgun Sight Adjustments

Adjustments of rear sights and/or front sights to correct windage issues.


Bore Sighting

Bore laser adjustments made to already mounted firearm optics.


Optic Mounting and Sighting

We will mount your optic and sight it in using our 25 yard range. We can dial you in for various ranges of shots for any caliber.


Plus the cost of ammo for your firearm unless provided by customer.


If optic is purchased from Joplin Centerfire.

Accessories and Upgrades Installation

Allow us to install and test various small parts and upgrades to your firearm.


*Some firearms may fall under the general hourly gunsmithing rates.


If item is purchased from Joplin Centerfire.

Hours of Operation


11:00am – 7:00pm

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