Range of the Glowing Dead Event

Participants will encounter 6 lanes of black light zombie mayhem. Your mission is to get them before they get you.

Firearms, ammunition, targets + eyes/ears will be provided for all six scenarios. All you have to do is survive. Zombie Hunters will progress through six lanes of zombie shooting scenarios. A pass or fail score will be earned based upon head shots. In order to survive, you must escape all six zombies. Those who survive will be rewarded.

Ticket sales are limited. Book early (if you dare).

Event Dates: October 26-28

Purchase ticket before October 20th and receive a zombie range shirt.

Your Arsenal will include:

  • Glock 19X
  • Maxim 9 Suppressed
  • EZ Shield
  • Sig p365
  • Suppressed M&P 22
  • CZ Scorpion 9mm
  • Full Auto AR9mm



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