Zeroing In: Progressive Distance Pistol League

• Adults 18 and up. 18-20 requires guardian permission

• One-time registration fee: $10 for non-members. $5 for members.

• Registration does not cover lane fees for non-members.

• Calibers: .22 and up. Shooters may only use one dedicated pistol during league scoring.

• Target: IDPA Tan. RO’s will total the scores, closest to ZERO wins. 25 shots each week.

• Iron sights only. No red dot. No magnification.

• Open Shoot: Shooters will shoot once a week, for a total of 4 weeks.

• One bi-week allowed per shooter. Targets submitted each week at shooters leisure.


League dates: September 4th-30th

Sep 4th-9th             Week 1:  5 yards,

Sep 11th-16th          Week 2:  10 yards,

Sep 18th-23rd         Week 3:  15 yards,

Sep 25th-30th         Week 4:  20 yards,


Tie breaker: One shot fired at a Dart Board Target at 25 yards. Closest to Bullseye Wins


Winners announced week of October 2nd